california wildfires

“The love in the air is thicker than the smoke,” one sign reads posted outside Cline Cellars in Sonoma. And it’s true, the amount of support from the surrounding communities affected directly or indirectly by these raging fires is overwhelmingly beautiful. Some shelters, like the Healdsburg Community Shelter, had to turn away donations and supplies because they were overstocked. The storm rages on and even after the fires subside, the communities of Sonoma and Napa County have a long and arduous road ahead of them.

As of now, the Northern California Fires have scorched over 214,000 acres taking 6,000 homes with it and evacuating over 100,000 residents. These kinds of devastation affect us all over the world. First, we cried for our Southern Americans when Hurricanes hit the shores of Florida and Texas, and now, our hearts wrench for our neighbors and loved ones all over the Northern Counties. With 35 fatalities and over 300 people still missing, piecing back our lives to resemble anything close to normal will take a lot of effort, hugs and fundraising.

Our community has started online Kickstarter Fundraisers, donated copious amounts of food to shelters and first-responders, volunteered hours of their time, housed countless of refugees and everyone has offered at least one shoulder for the heartbroken to lean on. In an attempt to keep the momentum rolling of our love for our ashen community and contribute to the rebuilding of homes and livelihoods of those who have lost everything, Winemakers and Sommeliers for California Wildfire Relief is hosting three nights of fundraisers.

Just by showing up, you will be able to provide comfort and relief to many of the victims who have been affected by these devastating fires.

Anne Loupy


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